Business Hosting

Business Hosting

Funtom gives first priority to each and every client's requirement.
We believe that personal attention to our clients and taking care of the little details is the most important values in customer service.
Funtom Company guaranty to provide suitable hospitality for our guests and will do the best to leave good impression.

Our business hosting includes:

  • Private hosting for visitors from abroad
  • Conferences
  • Concept events
  • Meetings and board meetings
  • Hospitality in factories and companies
  • Business partnerships

In additional, we take care of the details that make the event a perfect experience:

  • Experiential activities
  • Welcoming reception
  • Luxury meals
  • VIP services
  • Transportations
  • High class overnight hospitality Business meetings

Funtom Company will take care of introducing the clients to lecturers and professors in their interest field, Seniors from different fields like: engineering, agriculture, high-tech, industrial,medical and more. The business meetings will take place in an appropriate space that will include screens, slide projectors, lighting and sound system.
Funtom Company can also take care of a welcoming reception which will include refreshments and beverages, food during the business meetings, event branding, personal souvenir for each participant and more.