A Day at the Kibbutz

A Day at the Kibbutz

We will take the participants to experience the uniqueness of the kibbutz, we will run a tour of one of the kibbutzim and tell its story in an exciting and experiential way. The participants will be exposed to the specialty of each specific kibbutz. We will tour the entire kibbutz from the children's house, the farm, and all the way to the kibbutz factory and more.

After the tour the participants will receive farmer clothes, and go into the fields with tractors. They will do a “Katif” (Fruit-picking) and will learn the important guidelines of farming and agriculture. The participants could taste and enjoy the fruit they have picked. After that they will run a series of games in the fields that would encourage the children to be active and break the ice. There are many interesting and fascinating kibbutzim and the kibbutz will be chosen by the location of the participants in that day. For the end we will enjoy dinner in the dining room of the kibbutz and run a short and fun trivia questions quiz for the kids about the kibbutz, the kids that will answer the most answers will receive prizes from the guides.

Later, there is an option that we visit in the horse farm and we learn how to care for horses and how to ride them, that is a very fun experience.

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