Beach Party

Beach party

In this event, the participants will meet at a beach that was chosen in advance. In that location there will be a big lycra tent with huge mats, mattresses, pillows, cushioned seats, chairs, and low tables. In addition, we will build volleyball and beach soccer courts where the participants will be able to enjoy great team sports.

Inside the tent, there will be many board games such as backgammon, cards, and chess. Next to the tent there will be four inflatable mattresses in which participants can use whenever they like. Inside the tent there will be a huge fridge containing fruit, cold drinks, alcohol. A team of waiters will be provided to serve treats to the participant’s non-stop.

It is possible to serve an authentic barbeque meal with a variety of grilled meats and extras. In addition, there will be amplification, lighting equipment, and a DJ that will lead an exceptional dance party. This experience is formulating, luxurious, and very surprising. In addition, you can get high quality SAP surfing boards (also known as paddle boards) for the participants and a professional surfing instructor will be giving the participants a short, yet effective SAP surfing course.

Surfing on a SAP is an extremely fun experience and an easy sport to learn. All participants will be able to stand on the board after several attempts and surf it. In addition, we can add special Massage beds with professional masseurs who will perform up to 15 minutes.