Boot Camp

Boot Camp

Warriors from the most elite army units will arrive to train to participants who never really tasted the life of a soldier. The goal is not to train and prepare them for the army, but to give them the experience and feeling of an intense and long training day that every combat soldier goes through, and to connect them to the people of Israel, the IDF and its vital significance in Israel's safety.

With challenging activities, we create different and unique experience. The activity will be in form of a "survival week", the participants were divided into military units, and we will built specially for them a military base in the field, that include military tents of all kinds.

The Participants will follow a story that Egyptian soldiers stole from our army an drone, Contains confidential and classified information, and now our mission is to restore the drone to our forces. The operation begins when the participants will undergo military recruitment, and become soldiers. They will undergo training before they go out to the secret operation - to return the drone.

The activities will take place at the field, than we moved to the military base.
During the BOOTCAMP Most of the activities and accommodation will be taking place in one of the deserts or forests in Israel, where there will be complete and professional equipment for overnight camp that includes – chill out zone, mats, thick mattresses and bedding, beds, pillows, low tables, there will also be an option to include huge tents, hammocks, bathrooms, hot outdoor showers of course kitchen and cooking equipment to prepare meals.

There will also be a variety of unlimited snacks, fruit and drinks. In the camp, there will be generators for electricity, lighting, music throughout the night and more. The entire equipment will be under responsibility of "Funtom" staff that will guide the participants on how to use it. The creation and set up of the camp and the meals will be done by the participants themselves together with the team of instructors. During the night, we will have a big bonfire and tell short scary stories such as stories of heroism and survival in the field. In addition, one of the guides will be equipped with a guitar to play Israeli songs to the participants during the night and teach them songs in Hebrew. Outdoor sleeping is an integral part of the Israeli culture and we will be happy to share it with the participants. We will wake up in the morning and start the day with a fine Israeli breakfast that includes an unlimited amount of flavors and delicacies. After breakfast, we'll head to the activity as mentioned in the different days above. During those days the participants will prepare all the meals themselves and we'll take care of all the logistics. We can offer additional activities, feel free to contact us.