The Dead Sea and Masada

The Dead Sea and Masada

The lowest place in the world (Dead Sea) is one of the most unique spots that attract tourists from around the world.

Tourists from cold countries, particularly, like visiting because of the unique treatments the sea provides and its warm weather.

We will undergo a unique and exciting day with a series of special mud treatments.
The treatments include a peeling by salt and lavender oil, where the peeling process softens the skin and removes dead cells as well as warms up the muscle tissues before the intensive massage and application of mud on the body.

After cleaning the patient's skin from the mud, a deep tissue massage will be given by a certified masseuse by using organic almond oil. After the series of treatments, the participants will enjoy drinks and fruit shakes followed by a healthy and delicious lunch. In the evening, there is an option to conduct special events in the hotel such as a Casino night, Stand up show, karaoke, dancing, workshops with a chef, and more.

On the second day the participants will experience a unique and fascinating tour of the national and historical site "Masada". The participants will arrive at the entrance of the site where our guides/actors will welcome them.
The guides will then divide them into two groups and provide them with maps of the site that will help the teams to navigate through the various points and tasks. These tasks will help them discover knowledge and information of the historical site and its impressive story.

The activity and the way the participants will get to know Masada and its history will leave a lasting memory and excitement.

Duration: one night and 2 days.

Location: The Dead Sea