Rafting Sea of Galilee

Crossing the Sea of Galilee on a raft

sea of galilee water rafting

This is a truly exceptional and out of the ordinary activity that involves team work, adventure, and physical activity.
The participants will arrive to one of the shores of the Sea of Galilee where there they will be divided into groups of up to 20 participants in each team.
The group will then have to build a raft on their own. Our instructors will provide the steps and tips on building it in the most efficient and safe way.
After the raft is built, our instructors will inspect and approve the raft and decide if it's ready to sail.
They participants and the instructors will then cruise across the Sea of Galilee from one side to another.

This activity is accompanied by a lifeguard from start to finish.

Location: Kinneret, Tiberius

Duration: 4 Hours - Full Day