Fighters of the elite units

Fighters of the elite units

The participants will arrive to a pre-determined location where they will meet one of our guides that will give them a brief explanation of the history of where they are. There is also an option to meet at a military base where participants will take a part in a discussion with uniformed fighters. The participants will have the time to ask the soldiers general and personal questions about their service in the IDF.
After that we will go to the highest point in the area and get a brief explanation of the events that have happened there in the past, the historical background and the history of the IDF. All the guides of that activity are IDF orphans and veterans of the elite units who are knowledgeable and fluent English speakers.

There are various options and interesting collaboration offered:

  • Short navigation task with the soldiers as a teaching and challenging activity.
  • Shooting ranges with paint guns and military strategy mission.Meeting with"Okets" unit soldiers and the unit dogs, Trainingareawiththe unit soldiers.
  • Lunch / Dinner - barbecue - with soldiers at the base of the unit and a deep acquaintance with the soldiers serving at the base (Additional charge).

Additional options - distribution of souvenirs to the participants as a military dog tag with their first name, military shirts, hats and other IDF items (All this is extra cost and depended on your requirements).

This is an extraordinary and controversial experience, resulting in excitement and added value to the participants.

Duration: Half a day.

Location: Across all Israel

Warriors from the most elite army units will arrive to train the participants who never really tasted the life of a soldier.
The goal is not to train and prepare them for the army, but to give them the experience and feeling of an intense and long training day that every combat soldier goes through.
Also our goal is to connect them to the people of Israel, the IDF, and its vital significance it has in Israel's safety.

With challenging activities, we create different and unique experience.



The process

Arrival of the participants to a place that was pre-selected:

  • We'll start with a reception and a safety brief for the activity by our instructors.
  • Towards the end of the brief, "2 terrorists" surprise the group with guns and kidnap them all, Then our group of training instructors will rescue them in a spectacular display that includes shooting, Krav Maga and rappelling from roofs and trees.
  • After being rescued the participants will start their enlistment process- each will receive military pants, unified shirts (various colors option by groups), disc with a chain and a "mushroom" cap.
  • The participants will then change to their new outfit by following the instructors demands and time limit.
  • After all the participants are wearing the uniform, each group will be set with their private commander, and begin working.
  • Every team will go through some basic and valuable military training and by the end of their training, they will have to be ready for the final mission - a hostage rescue under fire and in an enemy territory.




Stages of the activity and tasks

After having the participants in uniform and ready to work we start right away

  • Phase 1 -  discipline – The values of the IDF, different standing positions, "count off" drill etc.
  • Phase 2 - stretchers mission and dark face coloring.
  • Phase 3 - Explanation of weapons (M16 - air soft or paint ball), including a safety brief, professional brief and a short ceremony for accepting the   gun that involves some running and army drills – including a shooting range and different shooting scenarios.
  • Phase 4 - We have progressed to a higher skill level – Operating in enemy lines,   task planning, working with guns, keeping each other safe and the importance of each soldier in the team.
  • Phase 5 -  An empowerment mission for all the teams together – The teams will   be told that an hostage have been kidnapped is in enemy territory by now. The officer of the training will gather all the teams and show them an aerial map of the place and will present and discuss a plan to  take control of the terrorists. Each team will be appointed a commander and deputy from the team members and will receive a different task to perform in order to take over the enemy ( one of our "actor" instructors ) and free the hostage. The end of the mission will be successful, the hostage will be released safely. In this stage, the participants will be told about the long and intensive training times every fighter goes through in the IDF units, by that participants can identify with the fighters and what they go through during the course of their training and service.
  • Phase 6 - the teams will split up and undergo different games and tasks the deal with kidnapping hostages and releasing them. The participants will build a strategic plan themselves, operate on different given scenarios and then switch roles.
  • Phase 7 (optional) -  Soldiers in uniform from a nearby army base will arrive and take the participants in army "Wolf" vehicles ( see picture on the right ) and will take them on a patrol next to the boarder while telling them about the area and its history.

After the patrol, the participants will be invited to dinner at the base of the soldiers.

  • A Closing Ceremony.
  • The entire activity is accompanied by explanations and information on the different army units and the significant military service as an integral part of the life of a young man in Israel.



Additional general info

  • All of the shooting targets will be balloons in order not to connect it to the people.
  • In a case one of the participants is having a difficult time ( mentally or physically ) we will assign him to the kidnappers team so he is not left alone and still enjoys the activity.
  • The activity is accompanied by paint ball guns, protective masks, night vision equipment, smoke machine, fireworks, printed pictures of the kidnappers and the hostages, flashlights, maps, compasses, stretchers and uniforms.


Total of 8 hours of activity, it is optional to Shorten the day or add more activities and prolong the day


Responsibility of the participants


  • Closed and comfortable shoes
  • Comfortable clothes
  • High morale


* We will bring a Full HD video camera and a photographer to document and film the entire activity.