Krav-Maga Training

Krav-Maga training

Activity purpose - learning and experiencing the Israeli Krav Maga

Activity goals- To learn the basics of Krav Maga, improve self-confidence and self-esteem, learn some useful techniques and tricks for self-defense, and to have a fun and exciting activity.

Main values during the activity - Human life, Purity of your Arms, Discipline, Professionalism, and Empowerment.

Stages of the activity and tasks:

  • Phase 1- Introduction to Krav maga - In this lesson the participants will hear about the history, philosophy, and purpose of Krav maga. They will also watch professional and impressive live demonstrations of the different uses of Krav maga by our highly trained instructors..
  • Phase 2- First Krav maga lesson – This is the first physical lesson for the participants. This lesson mainly includes discipline and physical tasks such as push-ups, sprints, jumps and sit-ups. This lesson will also include common Krav maga "games" that are popular in the Israeli army such as pushing games, pulling games, agility games, and more.
  • Phase 3 - Basic Stand + Open hand strike – In this lesson the participants will learn about the most basic subjects in Krav maga such as the correct standing position and the basic but deadly open hand strike. This lesson contains both theoretical explanations and practicing on punching bags and pads.
  • Phase 4- Facing stressful situations – This lesson will put the participants in several stressful situations. The participants will have to preserve self-control and to complete the different tasks within the time limit. This lesson will provide the participants with useful tips and shortcuts when facing such situations in life.
  • Phase 5Creative thinking and improvisation - In this session, the participants will be given different situation that require out of the box thinking. They will then have to act and improvise a way out of danger. This session include different props and tools and will open the mind of the participants in a completely new way.

Option to pickup from the hotel in additional charge