Survival Missions & Navigation

Survival Missions & Navigation

Certified "Funtom" instructors will welcome the participants and will provide them with a comprehensive briefing on the day and activity. Participants will be divided into teams and each team will go on a Jeep / ATV with a qualified driver. The teams will have to navigate the jeeps / ATVs through the forest / desert and will be asked to arrive to the point marked on the map. Tasks are competitive, experiential, fun and full of adrenaline.

The teamwork produces and creates a closer connection between the participants.

The Process

With the arrival of the participants to the activity location :

  • We'll start with reception, safety briefing and a comprehensive explanation of the activity.
  • Split the participants into teams and each team will receive a map, a compass, a flashlight and be a Jeep / ATV that will be available to him throughout the activity.
  • The teams will undergo multiple tasks and missions and will execute them in the best way in order to gain the highest score and win the contest.
  • In every task station, a qualified instructor will accept the team and explain the mission.
  • After performing the tasks the teams will go back to the main meeting point, where each team will receive scores according to their tasks performance and the best team will win.


Stages of the activity and tasks

  • Phase 1 - reception, safety briefing and activity explanation.
  • Phase 2 - a division of the teams and boarding the Jeeps/ATVs
  • Phase 3 - Task No. 1 - Targeted shooting – In this mission participants will receive paintball guns and be asked to shoot at targets (balloons). Inside each balloon, there is a note with a simple task, the participants have to perform the task in the best and quickest way. The tasks are funny, out of the box, releasing and fun!
  • Phase 4 -  Task No. 2 - Mission impossible – One of the team members will be raised in the air with a harness and 4 ropes. every rope is held by several participants that control the rope by pulling it. The team member has to collect as many things as he can as he hangs in the air. The team that performs the task in the shortest time wins the maximal score.
  • Phase 5 -  Task No. 3 - ODT tasks and team development - Participants will receive training and a few objects that will be used in the challenge. The team will be asked to perform tasks that require thinking and team work. The execution of the mission depends on all members of the group. Tasks are Challenging, fun and develop creative thinking.
  • Phase 6 -  Task No. 4 - Trust Mission - In this task participants are asked to perform simple tasks while they wear special blur vision glasses. Some of the tasks require participants to take responsibility for their friends as they wear the special glasses. The tasks reinforce the trust within the group and improve and build their current relationships.
  • Phase 7 -  Finish all the tasks and return to the meeting point.


Each team will arrive to a task and in the end of each task, the guide will lead the team to the next task that appears on the map. Tasks are accompanied by explanations of where they are and will always connect the team to the Israeli experience and values of the IDF.