Gaza Tunnels

Gaza Tunnels

The Participants will be involved in a day of excitement and adventure. The goal of the days is to break the usual routine while creating a unique, significant, and exciting experience. This activity will reveal the military experience of Israel and its history.

The objectives and goals:

Gaza tunnels tour by Funtom

Gaza tunnels tour

  • A thrilling activity and an unforgettable experience.
  • Presentation of military people and their daily lives in Israel.
  • Fun and Pleasure.


Delivering a routine breaking activity in a fun and exciting way. Using all of the senses in order to create a unique and powerful experience. The tour will include fun valuable information and an authentic introduction and connection with Israel.

The Activities in detail

The participants will arrive to a pre-determined location at the Gaza Strip where they will meet one of our guides who will give them a brief explanation of the history of where they are.
The participants will see the exhibit of terror tunnels, which were an underground threat in the Tzuk Eytan operation.
Tzuk Eytan operation left a bitter taste in the Israeli public when dealing with IDF and the underground strategic weapons that the Islamic terrorist organization prepared in the Gaza Strip.
Participants will tour in the tunnels and will get general reports regarding the tunnels from military and security people who specialize in the tunnels area.

The participants will have the time to ask questions about the Tzuk Eytan operation and the general situation in Israel.

This is an extraordinary and controversial experience, resulting in excitement and added value to the participants.