A day of health, fitness and photography

A day of health, fitness and photography

We will start the day off with a healthy and rich breakfast. After breakfast, two lecturers will arrive to speak about two fascinating and enriching subjects.

One lecture is about healthy nutrition and its connection to self- love that affects all areas of life.
The other lecture will be about fitness and an active lifestyle as the key to self-realization.
After the lectures, we will head out to diverse outdoor sport activities.

The activities will be selected in advance by the participants' preference.
Some of the activities can be: soccer, basketball, beach volleyball, rock climbing, kayaking, baseball, bike riding, etc. After the sport activities, we will go back to the rooms to shower, each lunch, and rest.

Before sunset, we will head out for a mysterious urban journey accompanied by a professional photographer. The photographer will give the participants a basic lesson about photography, how to operate the camera, and how to capture the possible best image.

Each participant will receive their own professional camera that he/she could use during the journey. The pictures will be transferred to the participants email and will remain as souvenir for life. Each participant can print one of his best photos and can award it to one of the other group members as a gift. This will be a truly enriching and unforgettable day!

Duration: Full day or half a day ( you can separate the activities )

Location: All of Israel (Can be in a big city or a peaceful kibbutz)