Contribution to the community and team building activity involving at risk youth

Contribution to the community and team building activity involving at risk youth

Meeting with young individuals always creates an exciting, powerful, and unique experience. However, this time the experience will be much stronger, meaningful, and uniting between the participants and teenagers.

Throughout the country there are unique places that provide a temporary solution for youth from across the country who were emitted from their homes because of the difficulties that went on there. Some of them either left or were banished from home and ended up finding themselves lost in the streets. Others were taken out of their houses by the social services due to financial problems, physical violence, and more.

We will arrive with the participants to a powerful and unusual day, where we will perform different activities with the minors. Activities such as group competitions, ODT games, and cooking lunch together in a typical Israeli way (known as "on the fire") will encourage group conversations and sharing with one another.

This will result in creating a supportive, relaxing, and empowering atmosphere. There is another organization that works with at-risk youths named "Sachi". The organization runs by at risk teenagers who once a week meet together and deliver food to families in need in the city. This place provides a shelter for youth and educates them to cherish values of giving, responsibility, and giving grace to those in need. Participants will be able to join the teenagers in the evening of food deliveries for the families in need. This is a strong, powerful, and moral experience.


Duration: Half a day.

An Option: Participants can donate to the orphanage according to their heart's desire.

Location: Haifa